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Meraki Art House by Chandni Gulati

Meraki Art House, as the word ‘Meraki’ means doing something with creativity, soul or love, is a one stop for all the art lovers – the ones who make art and the ones who adore art – under one roof. Art is a free spirit and can come to anyone but not every ‘anyone' gets the chance to showcase their potential of love for the artist that might be budding inside them. All that ‘anyone' needs is a chance and a little appreciation. This is the time when Meraki Art House comes into play.

Meraki Art House is not only an art exhibition, but an initiative to bring all the young and talented artists to showcase their amazing work to the world. Well, if you are not young but still have that young artist inside you, we’re for you too. All we care about is the budding artist inside you who needs to showcase their magic of colors on the canvas and make something amazing out of it. Art see no bar, and so do we. It doesn’t matter from which state you belong, what your age is, what qualifications you have, or what style of your art is. Art is secular and differentiates no one, then who we are to do so. Every person is unique and so is their art, be it paintings, sculptures, or photography.

So, if you are one of those who were looking for something like this, it’s your chance. It’s our privilege to acquaint with all the artists and provide a platform to you all.

The first show organized by Meraki Art House was at Lokayata Art Gallery, New Delhi, titled Krishiv, which was inaugurated by the eminent senior artist Mr. Vijender Sharma. Second show was titled “Meraki” at the Artizen Art Gallery, where we organized a live art competition and a share and grow session by the TV Actor Himanshu Ashok Malhotra during the show premises both were curated by Chandni Gulati.

Note from Chandni Gulati:

My first show was at the Lokayata Art Gallery, New Delhi, titled as “Krishiv.” I would love to see different art forms from all the artists and it will be my privilege to organize my shows with all the amazing artists from different parts of the country. Through my shows I learnt that everyone should be provided a chance to portray their work the way they want and this is how you share your works with everyone and grow. It’s all about your art and that’s what I love to do as I’m an art lover myself. I welcome you all to the Meraki family.